Power relay & ceramic sockets for 516F-2

“Ceramic Tube Sockets & Power Relay for the Collins 516F-2 
Item: 516F-2 Power Relay, K1
It has come to my attention that the relay referenced in my recently posted document, “Ceramic Tube Sockets & Power Relay for the Collins 516F-2,” has been discontinued and is no longer available from the two sources listed. A call to Aromat [now Panasonic] confirmed that all stock was purged. However, the relay is available from a third supplier, Online Components [www.onlinecomponents.com]. OC lists availably of the JA1A-TM-AC115V. Do not select the P-version. The printed circuit board contacts will short to the chassis.

Please reframe from purchasing Digikey.s recommended replacement. Unfortunately, the depth of the Omron relays exceeds the height of the Collins chassis by 2.41mm, In the mean time, I will continue to search and evaluate additional relays.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

73, Stu, k2qde

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