Collection of Recent Journals

Collection of recent Journal issues

FREE!!! — Sample Collins Journal Article — FREE!!!

Based on your comments and several ideas submitted to us, we’ve put a topical article from the Collins Journal on line for your reading pleasure. This free service will provide you with a sampling of what the Journal is all about. From time to time, we’ll update this area with new articles, bulletins and other useful information. PleaseCLICK HERE for a sample article!

The Collins Journal, now in its ninth year, is a technical publication for those who enjoy the hobby of preserving Collins amateur radio equipment. Now published bimonthly, the Collins Journal keeps the collector, restorer, and user informed on a wide range of topics with special emphasis on maintenance, restoration, modification, and testing. There is even a free ad section. If you own Collins equipment, this is the publication that you must have in your shack to keep abreast of what is happening in our hobby and to keep in contact with others, like you, who appreciate what many recognize as the very best radio equipment that America ever produced.

A subscription to the Collins Journal is only $25 stateside, $30 for our Canadian friends, and $35 for overseas subscribers – sent by first class mail.

Want to find out more about the Collins Journal? Email Dave Knepper at “collinsradio at comcast dot net”.

Or, write to:
David Knepper, W3ST           Phone: 814/487-4403
Post Office Box 34
Sidman, PA 15955

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