Collins Monthly Journal

Date Article Author
9407 75A1 RF Improvement Tidbit
9407 75A-4 Receiver Cover
9407 A glimpse into the world of Collins Radio Part II Dennis Day
9407 Alignment Tidbit
9407 Audio Transformer for the R-390A or SP-600 Tidbit
9407 Collins PTO's Tidbit
9407 Meter Installation Tidbit
9407 Paint for the R-390 Tidbit
9407 S-Line Dial Slippage Tidbit
9408 516-F2 Power Supply Mods Tidbit
9408 A glimpse into the world of Collins Radio Part III Dennis Day
9408 Collins Cabling Tidbit
9408 Filter Capacitors Tidbit
9408 KWM-1 Transceiver Cover
9408 Repair of the Tuning Assy in the S-Line Editor
9408 Replacing Capacitors and Resistors Tidbit
9409 A glimpse into the world of Collins Radio Part IV Dennis Day
9409 Antenna Relay Inspection Hole Tidbit
9409 Collins Black Boxes, what they cost new Tidbit
9409 Collins Gray Boxes, what they cost new Tidbit
9409 Confessions of a 'Garbage Picker' Peter Cavalla
9409 KWM-3 Transciever Cover
9409 Pilot Lamp Assemblies Tidbit
9409 Polishing Knobs Tidbit
9409 Who would have thought Richard Peterson
9410 32V-3 Transmiter Cover
9410 35U-1 Low Pass Filter for the 75A-4 Editor
9410 CW Filter Level Equalization witht the S-Line Edison Fong
9410 Dial Scale for 32V Series Transmitters Tidbit
9410 Extention Feet Tidbit
9410 Fabulous KWM's and their Untold Stories, The Chuck Carney
9410 KWM-2 Relay (K-4) Tidbit
9410 KWS-1 Blower Motor Tidbit
9410 Touch-Up World Tidbit
9410 US Government Surplus Property Tidbit
9411 Dust Removal Tidbit
9411 Knob Refurbishing Tidbit
9411 KWM/S-Line Serial Number Story, The Charles Carney
9411 KWM-2 Transceiver Cover
9411 Newark Electronics Tidbit
9411 Solder Joints Tidbit
9411 Age Factor, The Tidbit
9411 Troubleshooting the KWM-2 Transceiver Editor
9411 Where are they now? (firms) Tidbit
9412 75S-3 Receivers Tidbit
9412 Collins Scotch S-Meters Chuck Carney
9412 Japanese KWM-2, The Tidbit
9412 KWM-2 Cooling Tidbit
9412 Lubricants Tidbit
9412 Refinishing Cabinets Tidbit
9412 Removing 32V Front Panels Tidbit
9412 Round Emblems Tidbit
9412 Seasons Greetings Cover
9412 Servicing the KWM-2 Part Two Editor
9412 Spline-Bristol Screwdrivers Tidbit
9412 75A-4, The Tidbit
9501 312-5 Console Cover
9501 516F-2 Power Supply Tidbit
9501 Date Coding Tidbit
9501 Feedback Tidbit
9501 Military Labels Tidbit
9501 Polishing Front Panels Tidbit
9501 Servicing Your KWM-2/A Part Three Editor
9502 32S1 (Modulating CW) Workbench
9502 62S-1 VHF Converter Tidbit
9502 75A3 (Vernier Dial backlash) Workbench
9502 75A-4 (Q case mechanical filter) Workbench
9502 An Old Argument (winged vs round) Tidbit
9502 Cleaner Spray Tidbit
9502 Extention Feet Tidbit
9502 KWM-2A (transmiter delay) Workbench
9502 KWM-380 (Q&A's) Workbench
9502 Numbering System Tidbit
9502 Servicing your KWM-2/A Part Four Editor
9503 30K Transmitter Cover
9503 75A-4 (4CX-250 Tube Sockets) Workbench
9503 A Glimpse Back Editor
9503 Blower Hose for KWS-1 Tidbit
9503 Collins Service Bulletins and Information Letters Editor
9503 From the Mailbag Editor
9503 Metal Film or flameproof Resistors Tidbit
9503 Meter Faces Tidbit
9503 S/Line - KWM2 (replacement band) Workbench
9503 Servicing your KWM-2/A Part Five Editor
9503 Speaker Light Tidbit
9503 Those Mu-Metal Shields Tidbit
9503 Transmit to Receive problem Workbench
9503 Wiring Harness Codes Tidbit
9504 30-L1 Linear Cover
9504 Collins Guidebook Mailbag
9504 European KWM-2's Tidbit
9504 Japanese KWM-2's Mailbag
9504 KWS-1(Low output) Workbench
9504 More on those knob clips Tidbit
9504 Parts and More Parts Tidbit
9504 Servicing your KWM-2/A Part Six Editor
9504 Those Collins Emblems Editor
9504 Viet-Nam, a Look Back Jan Perkins
9504 Where the Collins owners are! Tidbit
9505 30S-1 Cover
9505 Call Sign Database Tidbit
9505 Cleaning your Collins Radio Editor
9505 Collins 50th Aniversary Medallions Tidbit
9505 Collins Noise Blankers Editor
9505 Looking Back at the 1995 Dayton Hamvention Editor
9505 Paint Tidbit
9505 PM-2 Power Supplies Tidbit
9505 Templates Tidbit
9506 Art Collins Cover
9506 Collins Story, The Arlo Goodyear
9507 30l-1 and 516F-2 Filter Caps Tidbit
9507 Balanced Modulator in Collins KWM-2 and 32S Units Tidbit
9507 Clean Cabinets Tidbit
9507 Cleaning Aluminum or 'Dunking' Your Capacitor Tidbit
9507 Desiccant Tidbit
9507 KWM-380 Replacement of RF Output Transistors Tidbit
9507 KWS-1 Neutralization Procedure Jim Young
9507 Multi-Use for your Digital Display Larry Waggoner
9507 Neighbor helping neighbor program - Collins Vols Tidbit
9507 Not just another catalog Tidbit
9507 Post Viet-Nam KWM-2's Tidbit
9507 R-390A Cover
9507 R-390A Receiver Les Locklear
9507 Relay Clips Tidbit
9507 Replacement AC Cords Tidbit
9507 Replacement Bulbs in 32V Transmitters Tidbit
9507 Rockwell Directory Tidbit
9507 Workshop tip (KWM-2 Inop Vox) Tidbit
9508 Collins Radio Station Cover
9508 Feedback (KWS-1 Neutralizing) Tidbit
9508 Free Antenna Handbook Tidbit
9508 KK6HY Collins Quick List Editor
9508 KWM-380 Jumps to Life Editor
9508 Life with Collins Corydon Hine
9508 More on DON Wallace, W6AM Jan Perkins
9508 Replacement Headphone Cord Tidbit
9508 Tube Markings Tidbit
9509 30S-1 Main Filter Choke Jim Young
9509 Ham to Ham Techical Assistance Editor
9509 KK6HY Collins Quick List Editor
9509 KWM-380 "1000 Club" Cover
9509 KWM-380 Diode Modification Wes Bolin
9509 My Continued Love Affair with Collins Jan Perkins
9510 75A-4 Just got better (improvements) Howard Mills
9510 75A-4 Receiver Cover
9510 Collins Album Editor
9510 Collins Journal Report Card Editor
9510 Digital Frequency Displays Editor
9510 More on the KWM-380 Wes Bolin
9510 Panel and Cabinet Restoration Editor
9510 Pocket Guide to Collins Editor
9510 RITEK RIT Kit Editor
9510 Tube Type Transmitter Guide Editor
9511 Collins - the Performance Leader Cover
9511 Karnats Fearless Price Estimates on Collins Radios Editor
9511 Last of the 75A-4's, The Editor
9511 Repainting your 75A-4 Editor
9511 Second Installment - My work on the 75A-4 Howard Mills
9512 75A4 Mailbag
9512 75A4 Mailbag
9512 Adapting Antenna Relays for the KWS-1 Jim Young
9512 Call out the Boodhounds Jim Hallowell
9512 Collins Station Cover
9512 Collins Wireless Bulletin Editor
9512 KWM-2 and 32S AC Switch Problems Joseph Curry
9512 New Rockwell 95S Receiver, The Editor
9512 Reducing Line Voltage to the Collins Len
9601 30S-1 Script Tidbit
9601 Collins Journel Index Tidbit
9601 Collins Museum Tidbit
9601 Collins Paint Tidbit
9601 Collins Service Bulletins and Manuals Tidbit
9601 Favorite World Wide Web Sites Tidbit
9601 Feedback (corrections) Tidbit
9601 Have you checked your filament voltage lately? Various
9601 Make your own decals Tidbit
9601 Mobile or Fixed Station SSB Transciever Cover
9601 Productions Test Procedures for the 75A-4 Manuel Maseda
9601 Trivia Question submitted by Hap Tidbit
9601 Vanity Call Letters Tidbit
9602 Astatic Mike Elements Tidbit
9602 Checking the PA Screen Resistor in the KWM-2 Bob Snyder
9602 DL-1 Dummy Load Cover
9602 Feedback on the KWM-380 Wes Bolin
9602 More Internet Connections Tidbit
9602 Neutralization Shortcut Grant
9602 Paint Tidbit
9602 Productions Test Procedures for the 75A-4 (final) Manuel Maseda
9602 R-390A Manual Tidbit
9602 Service Tips for the 30L-1 Dean Battishill
9602 Speaker Repair Tidbit
9602 Tube Sockets Tidbit
9602 Worth Repeating (toll free FCC number) Tidbit
9603 Collins Journal Index  
9603 Favorite Internet Site  
9603 Friends of the R-390A/URR Pasquale Esposito
9603 Introducing Collins S/Line of SSB Amateur Equipment Cover
9603 75S Series Receiver - Part One, The Editor
9604 Cartoons Cover
9604 New Collins Exhibit  
9604 R-390A Users Survey by Tom, N5OFF Tom
9604 75S Series Receiver - Part Two, The Editor
9605 Dance Card at Dayton, The  
9605 Dressing up the PM-2 Power Supply Tidbit
9605 Ideas for the Journal Tidbit
9605 KWM-2 Quickie Quiz Tidbit
9605 R-390A RF Connector Tidbit
9605 Speaker Replacements Tidbit
9605 75S-3 Receiver - Part Three: Modifications, The  
9605 Collins 51S1 Receiver, The Walter Hann
9605 Traditional Quality Cover
9606 AOR's DDS-2A Cover
9606 AOR's DDS-2A  
9606 Collins Reference Page, The  
9606 Collins Service Modification Compendium, The  
9606 New Collins Exhibit  
9606 News Report from Rockwell  
9607 A Simple Fix for the ALC in the 30S-1 Jim Condon
9607 Collins Service Modification Compendium Editor
9607 New Rusprint QSL Cards, The Editor
9607 On the 651S-1 Receiver Editor
9607 Servicing and Updateing the KWM 380 and HF-380 Walter Hann
9607 Solid State Vacuum Tube Replacements Bill Noonan
9607 Tubesters by WA6NOJ Cover
9608 Collins Clockface Mailbox
9608 Collins in your Closet Bob K9EUI
9608 Collins Radio Ad Cover
9608 Crazed Over Collins Harry W4ACN
9608 From the People Who Gave you Collins Mikes Ed Murphey
9608 Shop Tips on the 75A-4 Steve N4LQ
9608 Collins Picasso, The Jim Condon
9609 516F-2 Cable Tidbit
9609 Adding a Reduction Drive to the PTO Editor
9609 Cable ID Tags Tidbit
9609 Collins Reference Page (Collins Articles appearing in QST Norman Drechsel
9609 Collins Reference Page, The Editor
9609 Collins Service Modification Compendium Marvin Born
9609 KWS-1 Blower Motor, The Louis Erath
9609 Matching Tubes Tidbit
9609 NZ6Q Station Cover
9609 Solid State for the Collins S Line Bill Noonan
9609 Varying the BFO Frequency in the KWM-2/A Stu K4BOV
9609 Wrinkle Paint Tidbit
9609 You Know You’re a Boatanchor Enthusiast If… Rober Morgan
9610 A Refresher Course on Realigning the KWM-2 and S/Line Jim Garland
9610 Cleaning the 51S-1 Bandswitch Turret Jim Garland
9610 Collins Mechanical Filters Tidbit
9610 Collins Reference Page (Collins Articles appearing in QST Norman Drechsel
9610 Crystal Source Tidbit
9610 Line Voltage Considerations for the 30L-1 Jim Garland
9610 R-390/A New Handbook Tidbit
9610 Rockwell Internet Homepage The Collans Radio Story, The Rockwell
9610 Still Simply the Best The KWM-2A Cover
9611 75A-4 Receiver Tidbit
9611 Adding 160-Meter Coverage to the 30L-1 Editor
9611 An Alternative to the Waters Q-Multiplier Editor
9611 Collins 32W1 Tidbit
9611 Collins Journal Reference Material Editor
9611 Collins Reference Page, The Editor
9611 KWS-1 Roller Inductor Tidbit
9611 R-390 Parts Tidbit
9611 Specialty Paint Tidbit
9611 Take Your Pick Cover
9612 Ceramic Filters Tidbit
9612 Collins Indices Tidbit
9612 Collins Reference Page, The Editor
9612 Free Catalogs Tidbit
9612 Happy Holidays Cartoon Cover
9612 KMW-2 PTO Tidbit
9612 KWM-1 Cable Connector Tidbit
9612 Lumiline for the 312A-1 and 312A-2 Speaker Tidbit
9612 More Production Information Manuel Maseda
9612 When it Comes to Time to Replace Filter Caps Carl KM1H
9612 Who Said There Is No Santa Claus Editor
9701 A Rare Find - The Collins 2-Meter Ham Rig Editor
9701 Collins CP-1 Crystal Packet Editor
9701 Collins Speakers Tidbit
9701 Collins Transceive Operation - Did it being this way? Editor
9701 DL-1 Dummy Load Editor
9701 Fieldday Cover
9701 From the Email bag Editor
9701 Special Event Station Tidbit
9701 Wonder Tool, The Tidbit
9701 Worth Revisting - the 30L-1 Tube Choice Editor
9702 Audio Modification for the R-390A Tidbit
9702 Beefing up the 30L-1 Power Supply Editor
9702 Collins Filters Cover
9702 Disabling the VOX in the KWM-2A Tidbit
9702 Hollow State Newsletter, The Tidbit
9702 Predessor to the SM-1, The Editor
9702 Collins Parts Help-line, The Editor
9702 Troubleshooting the KWM-380 Marvin Born
9702 Variations in the Early KWM-2's Editor
9703 1997 Dayton Hamvention Special Annoucement Editor
9703 Collins Owners Reports on the KWM-2/2A and S-Line HR Magazine
9703 KWS-1 Control Cable Plug Tidbit
9703 More on Dating Collins Equipment Editor
9703 New Collins Net Tidbit
9703 Panel Screws Tidbit
9703 QST Articles on Collins Michael W1RC
9703 R-390 Meters Tidbit
9703 Recollections from the Past Dennis Day
9703 Some of the Many Talented Ladies That Assembled our Collins Radios Cover
9703 Tube Listings on the Internet Tidbit
9703 We Get Letters Don ZS6HG
9704 DX Engineering Speech Processor Editor
9704 See you at the Dayton Hamvention Cover
9705 Collins Bandpass Mechanical Filters Cover
9705 Curing KWM-2/2A IF Feedthrough Dick Benson W1QG
9705 New Publication Tidbit
9705 Restoration Tidbit
9705 Turner Microphones Tidbit
9706 A Time For History Cover
9706 Curing the 30L-1 Bias Supply Robert Stankus
9706 Experimenting with the new Collins Mechanical Filters Douglas Greenway
9706 Let's Get Behind the New History Center in Cedar Rapids Editor
9706 Using the 527's in the 30L-1 Update Robert Stankus
9707 160 Meter Coverage - 75S-3C Tidbit
9707 A Collins Rotatable Antenna Tower Charles Carney
9707 A Discussion on the Generation of CW in the S-Line E.W. Pappenfus
9707 From the Mailbag Editor
9707 KWS-1 High Voltage Fuses Tidbit
9707 Modifying the KWM-2 to Plug-In Relays Editor
9707 Selection of the "Right" 6146, The Editor
9707 Triband Beam Antennas Cover
9708 6AZ8 Tubes Tidbit
9708 A Tribute to Harry Kiklikain Editor
9708 Collins 51S-1 Cover
9708 Collins 51S-1 Editor
9708 Collins Radio Company Amateur Service Information Letter Editor
9708 Collins Service Bulletins for the 51S-1 Editor
9708 Hollow State Newsletter Tidbit
9708 Japanese KWM-2A's Tidbit
9708 Loading up your Collins with all the goodies Editor
9708 Mike Connectors Tidbit
9708 Speakers Tidbit
9709-10 30S-1 Step Start Relay, K201 Tidbit
9709-10 Another Catalog Tidbit
9709-10 Collins Antenna Tower Tidbit
9709-10 Collins Repro Items Tidbit
9709-10 KWM-380 Articles Tidbit
9709-10 More Repair Notes on the 75A-4 and KWS-1 Jim Condon
9709-10 Mr. Rios, Chief Service Technician Cover
9709-10 New DFD2 Digital Frequency Display, The Editor
9709-10 R-390 Repair Tidbit
9709-10 Solid State for the Collins S-Line Bill Noonan
9709-10 Spline or Bristol Tools Tidbit
9711-12 200 Cycle Crystal Filters Tidbit
9711-12 312B-3 Reproduction Tidbit
9711-12 4CX-1500B Cooling Editor
9711-12 Air Flow Measurements Fred Johnson
9711-12 Collins Repro Items Tidbit
9711-12 Collins S-Line No finer way to please Cover
9711-12 Copy of Collins Stock Certificate WA3KEY
9711-12 Email from Jim Young Jim Young
9711-12 Letter from F.W. Johnson ER
9711-12 More Comments on Switching to the 4CX-1500A Jim Garland
9711-12 My Life with Arthur Collins Fred Johnson
9711-12 Parting Words on Using the 4CX-1500B Editor
9711-12 R-390 Production Tom K5OFF
9711-12 R-390A Information Tidbit
9711-12 Replacement Diode Package Steve N2JXL
9801-02 51S-1 AGC Modification Editor
9801-02 A Unique 51J-4 Editor
9801-02 Collins Station Cover
9801-02 E-mail post from Uli Editor
9801-02 KWM-380 Audio Filter Ulrich Graf
9801-02 New Collins Equipment Survey Project W0CXX
9801-02 New R-390A/URR Technical Reference CD-ROM Editor
9801-02 Newspaper Accounts of Arthur Collins Passing Editor
9801-02 Product Detector Modification Made to my 51J-4 Morris Odell
9801-02 PTO Assembly of the S/Line KWM-2, The Editor
9801-02 Supermodulation System for the 32V-3 Rod Fitz-Randolph
9803-04 Audio Output Transformer Tidbit
9803-04 Cable Labels Tidbit
9803-04 Dampness Cure Tidbit
9803-04 Faulty R-390 AC Switch Tidbit
9803-04 Good News from Larry Wolken Editor
9803-04 KWM-380 Cover
9803-04 Lab Testing the KWM-380 Ulrich Graf
9803-04 Make Plans for the Collins Forum at the Dayton Hamvention Editor
9803-04 Making Knobs Like New Again Arden Allen
9803-04 Meter Protection Tidbit
9803-04 Meter Repair Tidbit
9803-04 More on the Transition to the Round Emblem Lon W. Cottingham
9803-04 My Own Modifications to the KWM-380 Ulrich Graf
9803-04 Reflocking Tidbit
9803-04 Refrabricating the Gear Works of the R-380A F.W. Johnson
9803-04 Survey Results of Limited Production S-Line Units Roderick Blocksome
9803-04 Transition to the Round Emblem Charles Carney
9805-06 30L-1 Model Changes Tidbit
9805-06 516F-2 Cabinet Bracing Tidbit
9805-06 51J4/R388 Collins Design Error? Morris Odell
9805-06 51S-1 Audio Change Tidbit
9805-06 Art Collins' Papers Sent to the University of Iowa  
9805-06 Bristol Wrenches Tidbit
9805-06 Chasing Serial Numbers Rod Blocksome
9805-06 Cleaning your Radio Arden Allen
9805-06 Dial Cord Tidbit
9805-06 Filling in those Grooves Tidbit
9805-06 Gregorian Chant to a R-390A, A Morris Odell
9805-06 Lamp Assembly for 312A-1 Speaker Tidbit
9805-06 MCN Numbers Tidbit
9805-06 Meter Blowup Tidbit
9805-06 Plastic Windows Tidbit
9805-06 Reproduction Knob Maker Tidbit
9805-06 Vision of Art Collins, The Fred Johnson
9807-08 Relay Replacement in the 30S-1 Ron W2CQM
9807-08 Other 30S-1 Ideas Ron W2CQM
9807-08 Rockwell Mechanical Filters Editor
9807-08 Fake Cuban Mechanical Filters Carl Hyde
9807-08 More Information on Mechanical Filters Dick Dillman
9807-08 Repairing Mechanical Filters John KK6IL
9807-08 More on T-Tubes Tom Jenkins
9807-08 Common Problems with the R-390A Guido KP4FAR
9807-08 Replacement Filter Capacitors for the 30L-1 Editor
9807-08 R-390 Repair Editor
9807-08 Notes on the 516F-2 Power Supply William Diamond
9807-08 Revisiting the Use of Q-Multiplier for the KWM-2 Jose Gavila
9807-08 Refinishing the Trim Ring Tidbit
9807-08 30S-1 HV Switches Tidbit
9807-08 VOX Problem in the 32S-3 Tidbit
9807-08 30S-1 Blower Mounts Tidbit
9807-08 Read What Others Say about the Reproduction Emblems Tidbit
9809-10 Our Front Cover - The Oblique Sounder Receiver Ian McLean
9809-10 Repairing the 30S-1 ALC Al Dolgosh
9809-10 Procedure for Replacing T-102 in the 30S-1 Al Dolgosh
9809-10 A Very Cool Collins Dave WA6VVL
9809-10 Product Review AOR DDS-2A VFO Editor
9809-10 Reminiscences of Development for R-390A and R-391 Edgar Schoenike
9809-10 Alignment of the SSB Generator in the KWM-380 Ulrich Graf
9809-10 Guest Editorial Page on Collins Pricing Dave Stinson
9809-10 The Price of Collins-Rockwell Equipment Karl Alsheimer
9809-10 Volunteers Needed as Collins Helpers Editor
9809-10 Late Breaking News Editor
9811-12 Off Frequency with the S-Line Al K5TAN
9811-12 Another Thought… Lon W. Cottingham
9811-12 Collins S-Line - Modifying the S-Line for CW Transceive Operation Antonio Vernucci
9811-12 More on the interconnecting cable length between the S-Line and KWM-2 Reflector
9811-12 From the Mailbag Don Lambert
9811-12 KWM-380 Blowing Fuses Tidbit
9811-12 Collins Speaker Reproduction for the 75A series Tidbit
9811-12 Source List for Speaker Repair and Service Tidbit
9811-12 Thoughts on Metal Shielding Jerry K0CQ
9811-12 Filling in Knob Markings Reflector
9811-12 My Experiences with the Product Detector in the 51J-4 Morris Odell
9901-02 A Few Historical Commentson Arthur Collins B.W. Steams
9901-02 Upgrading Components in the 75A-4 Tom Laird
9901-02 Collins Help Line Editor
9901-02 Collins Internet Newsgroup W3AFH
9901-02 Shifting the BFO Crystal HL1FB
9901-02 Downloading Service Bulletins from the Internet Editor
9901-02 R-390A Repair Rick Mich
9901-02 Source for Meter Repair Editor
9901-02 Dehydrator plugs for the Collins Editor
9901-02 Painting Techniques Bruce WC1E
9901-02 The 30S-1 Bias Circuit K8EUR
9901-02 Producing a Wrinkle Finish Brian Sherwood
9903-04 Collins Radio Company Certificate of Stock Cover
9903-04 The 55G-2 Clone William Noonan
9903-04 Restoring Collins Cabinets WB7DYW
9903-04 Internet Collins Mailing Lists Editor
9903-04 Fuse Protection in the 30L-1 Jim Miller
9903-04 Correct to the "Collins Help Line" in the last issue Editor
9903-04 Resistor Replacement in the KWM-2 Jim Miller
9903-04 Rockwell-Collins Filter Products Editor
9903-04 KWM-2/A Test Select Components Editor
9903-04 Wrinkle Paint Tidbit
9903-04 Plug-In Relays For Sale Tidbit
9903-04 KMW-2 Relay Action Tidbit
9903-04 Removing Knurled Nuts Tidbit
9903-04 Reproduction Escutcheons Tidbit
9905-06 What a Lovely Sight in Any Hamshack Cover
9905-06 KMW-2/2A Service Information Ian McLean
9905-06 So You Think You Know Collins Rod Blocksome
9905-06 Results of KWM-1 Survey Editor
9905-06 Results of 32V-1/2/3 Survey Editor
9905-06 Some Collins Ham Gear Oddities Editor
9905-06 K0DAS Estimate of Quantities Editor
9905-06 55G-2 Correction Editor
9905-06 Ebay Auction Prices Realized Almost All Digital Electronics
9905-06 ALO's Radio Restoration Editor
9907-08 A Barebone KMW-2 Project - Have Chassis, Need Parts Cover
9907-08 Paint Tidbit
9907-08 Spray Collins Tidbit
9907-08 30S-1 High Voltage Dropout Tidbit
9907-08 Collins Radio Association Editor
9907-08 Collins Resource Directory Editor
9907-08 Sincerely Yours - A Bit of Collins Humor Editor
9907-08 C.R's Collins Took Radio to New Heights George C Ford
9909-10 Collins Amateur Radio Equipment Cover
9909-10 CD Disk Available for R-389/391/392 and SP-600-JX Jeff Adams
9909-10 The Story Behind Each Piece of Collins Amateur Radio Equipment (reprint)
9909-10 Coverting the Collins 516F-2 Power Supply to Solid State Dutch
9909-10 KWM-380 Keypad Tidbit
9909-10 Instability Tidbit
9909-10 Internet Websites for Parts Tidbit
9909-10 CP-1 Crystal Pouch Tidbit
9909-10 Wrinkle Paint Tidbit
9909-10 Paint Tidbit
9909-10 Thumbscrews Tidbit
9909-10 30L-1 Key Down Tidbit
9909-10 75A-4 Audio Tidbit
9909-10 75A-2 Bandwidth Tidbit
9909-10 A Real Tidbit Tidbit
9909-10 The Collins Radio Association Bulletins Author
9909-10 Reworking the 75A-3 John Bielefeld
9909-10 International Radio to Offer New S-Line Crystal Filters Author
9909-10 Collins-Rockwell Mechanical Filters are still available Author
9911-12 Overcoming Instability caused by Aging in the S-Line and KWM-2/A Author
9911-12 New Product (Water Slip Decals) Author
9911-12 30L-1 still on with Two Fuses Out! Yves Pautard
9911-12 Warning about Spray Cleaners William Feldmann
9911-12 Troubleshooting KWM-380 Receiver Sensitivity Jerry Kessler
9911-12 Precision Tuned Oscillators James Meier
0001-02 Some 70-K2 PO Service Adventures Jim Miller
0001-02 Lamp Logic Author
0001-02 International Radio Annoucement Author
0001-02 Collins 75A-4 Receiver Modifications Bob Stankus
0003-04 Career with Collins Excerpt
0003-04 Speech Processor for the KWM-380 Ulrich Graf
0003-04 KMW-2/2A Survey Results Rod Blocksome
0003-04 KWM-380 Measurements Ulrich Graf
0005-06 Restoration of a Collins S/Line Author
0005-06 Black Beauty Capacitors Hallicrafters Assn
0007-08 Using the Heath HP-23 for Collins Rigs Dan Hall, KJ7FX
0007-08 Collins Helpers Author
0007-08 Collins Technical Tips Tidbit
0007-08 30L-1 Owners - Take Heed Rod Murray, K1ROD
0009-10 FAQ about Collins Author
0011-12 Hams' Favorite Mike just got even better! Tips on Improving the D-104 Author
0011-12 Temperature Rise in Vacuum Tubes Mark Bradley, K6TAF
0011-12 Hits and Tips for your Collins Author
0011-12 The Collins 516F-2 Power Supply Peter Simpson G3GGK
0011-12 A unique 75S-1 John W4NU
0101-02 Balsa Radios Reprint
0101-02 Art Collins - The Sailor Gerald Johnson
0101-02 Art Collins - The Chip Maker Gerald KE0KI
0101-02 Mobile Amateur Display Now in Use Author
0101-02 Collins KWM2-A Transceivers Serve on World News Fronts Reprint
0101-02 Lauds Performance of Collins KWM-2 on U.S. Expedition to Mount Everest Reprint
0101-02 In Memory of Two Old Friends Reprint
0103-04 Blue Suitecases in Vietnam Reprint
0103-04 CRA Worldwide Chapters Author
0103-04 The Collins Mechanical Filter Author
0103-04 KMW-2/KMW-2A Harmonic Leakage Stu, K2QDE
0103-04 The Final Days at Collins Gerald Johnson, KE0Ki
0105-06 Problems and Solutions in KWM-1, KWM-2/2A and S/Line Frank Andrei, W3OEL
0107-08 Improving the Operation of the Collins 30S-1 Michael Kennedy, KD6LW
0109-10 "Light Touch" is Manufacturing's Strong Arm  
0109-10 Removing the PTO in the 75A-2 Guido Santacana
0109-10 Contract Received to Provide KWM-2A Transcievers for use by Military Pulse, June 1967
0109-10 Shipping Boatanchors Safely Dan Arney
0109-10 Mica Capacitors for the Collins Guido Santacana
0109-10 KWM-1 Helpful Hints Author
0109-10 516F-2 Helpful Hints Author
0109-10 Other Collins Helpful Hints Author
0109-10 Buying your first Collins Author
0111-12 Endorsement of Alan Waller, K3TKJ for Amateur of the Year Duane Fischer
0111-12 75A-1 Conversion Ideas Charlie, W0YG
0111-12 Symbol Quiz Author
0111-12 Joining the CRA Author
0111-12 Five Years in Review (Collins Radio Profile) Reprint
0201-02 Retrofitting the KWM-2 with a Shield in the Balanced Mod Section Editor
0201-02 Techiques on Dial Cord Restringing Editor
0201-02 Relay Thoughts Editor
0201-02 Using the 6146B Tubes Editor
0201-02 Cable Lacing Editor
0201-02 Moving the KWS-1 Editor
0201-02 Removing the PTO from the 75A-2 Editor
0201-02 Modifying the SM-3 Microphones Editor
0203-04 My Thoughts on Restoration of Collins Bill Diamond
0203-04 Rememberance of Bill Handy, S1BDI of the ARRL Bob Rinaldi
0203-04 Painting Supplies Tidbit
0203-04 Grounding Transformers Tidbit
0203-04 Replacing the 6146 Tube Tidbit
0203-04 Cleaning Chassis and Metal Parts Tidbit
0203-04 The Reason for Transformer Failure Tidbit
0203-04 Replacement for the 6BF5 Audio Tube Don Kang
0205-06 Dedicated Issue to Tom Clemens W9OKA Various
0205-06 Collins FAQ Author
0205-06 Collins Helpers Author
0207-08 Collins FAQ Author
0207-08 Art Collins BIO Author
0209-10 Cost Effective Replacements for Crystal Oscillators Tony Brock-Fisher
0209-10 Looking Back Warren Bruene
0209-10 Using the D-104 with your Collins Hans, HB9AQS
0209-10 Collins Radio Goes Camping with the Cub Scouts Michael G. Cizek
0211-12 The End of an Era - The 821A at VOA in Bethany, Ohio Dr. Geral Johnson
0211-12 Technical Tips and Leaky Capacitors Dr. Geral Johnson
0211-12 Procedure to Measure IF Filters Tony, K1KP
0301-02 Bringing up a KWS-1 Tony Brock-Fisher
0301-02 Survey of Production Variations in KWS-1 Transmitter Tony Brock-Fisher

Last Updated on 4/20/2003
By Tom Jenkins